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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
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The Creatives...at Play

From idea to execution
Creatives At Play is a vertically-integrated media company.
We are an independent, modern, multi-media production company with comprehensive capabilities including development, production, post-production, and a vast network with endless reach. Consider us an art house, advertising agency, production company & post house.

We are a passionate clique of storytellers, provocateurs, creators, and purveyors of innovative cross-platform content.  We collaborate with high-level writers, directors, and cinematographers who are inspired to create experiences of culture and ingenuity through innovative storytelling. The in-house team at Creatives At Play applies a bold approach to content creation, listening to our storytellers and making their stories come alive.  Collaborating with the best emerging & established talent, we’re a creative company with an emotional spark. Powered by insight and intuition, we’re an internet-obsessed company with a genuine devotion to brand, vision & voice.

Creatives At Play has brought together a family of creative forces that span multiple fields and through solid strategies, strong & creative Relationships with superior services, and we are able to deliver the highest quality with the greatest Impact. We start engaging conversations and long-term relationships with people by uniting brands, creators, and the media-obsessed.

Keoni Mars



Creative Director

Nicole Casino


What We Do

We never lose sight of delivering amazing results that impact the power of the brand and improve brand loyalty.

At CAP, partnership is where we thrive (Partnership is our currency) (We consider partnership a goal and an accomplishment).

We access our infinite network of friendships and colleagues across the entertainment industry and beyond. A very important intangible that generates value for our clients

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The journey from inspiration to execution
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